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Play based - Develops social and cognative skills to gain self confidence required to engage in new experiences and requirements.
Theme based - curriculum are connected together and integrated within a theme
Experiential based - hands on approach to learning imparting and transferring their knowledge

Our School

Karisma colourful butterfly represent kid’s abilities are various and unique. We believe every child is unique with their own individual strengths And We have to find a way to bring out the strengths and talents even if it means working and thinking outside the box to reach their students. Karisma Aims to optimize kids potential to fly the best they can with the slogan “Love to Learn”. We are emphasizing “Love to Learn” to educating 10,000 kids per year.

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Our Programmes

Karisma Kindergarten Program is to provide a developmentally designed program with the intent of providing a learning environment for children. Full integration of 21st-century skills into Karisma Kindergarten programs learning.

Expectations for self and social development are prioritized resulting in even greater autonomy and independence, enhanced self-help skills, emotional self-regulation, self-concept and confidence.

High interest, academic content within a critical thinking framework empowers students and better equips them with the skills they need to achieve academic success with two strands Reading and Writing and Listening and Speaking.

Latest News

31/01/2020 / Latest News

Open Day Of Tadika Kristal Karisma In Mutiara Rini

Tadika Kristal Karisma Mutiara Rini had an open day to invite all the parents, kids and visitors to join the...
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31/01/2020 / Latest News

New Centres Open For Jan 2020

Karisma Kinderland has open new branch at Taman Daya and Puteri Wangsa that willl be operating by january 2020. Wanna...
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31/01/2020 / Latest News

Intake 2020

We welcome all the kids to join adventure with us. Our learning programme which includes annual concerts, field trips, sports...
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