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Looking to change careers? The solution is a Karisma Preschool Franchise!

Karisma Aims to optimize kids potential to fly the best they can with the slogan “Love to Learn”. We are emphasizing “Love to Learn” to educating 10,000 kids per year. Karisma strives to consistently maintain its position as a market leader in Malaysia by introducing highly developed goods and services. It continues to offer reliable investment prospects thanks to its excellent worldwide franchise business strategy

Our Philosophy & Vision


Respect each child and celebrate their uniqueness. Make each child flies they best, each one is different, unique and beautiful.



Why Choose Karisma Kinderland ?

Unique Products ↗

The products and programmes are unique creations of Karisma Kinderland.

Good Mentor ↗

We help franchisees by facilitating and teaching them in areas that will ensure the center’s success.

Good Assistance ↗

Franchisees receive ongoing training to improve their abilities with our assistance.

21st Century Skills ↗

In karisma, abilities including communication, critical thinking, digital skills, and more are put to use.

Integrated Curriculum↗

Without the limitations sometimes imposed by topic borders, an integrated curriculum enables students to pursue learning in a holistic fashion.

Quadrilingual Implementation ↗

We employ four languages in Karisma, including English, Bahasa Melayu, Bahasa Tamil & Bahasa Cina.

interested in operating as an entrepreneur or investor. Your choice is entirely up to you.

Benefit Of An Investor In Karisma Partnership

Are you aware that a vital duty of an investor is to comprehend the business? If you invest in a Karisma’s franchise, starting a business would be simpler for you, and you’d also be helping to further the cause of education, which benefits future generations.

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Are you qualified to serve as an operator for Karisma’s entrepreneurs?

Entrepreneur Operators offer the managerial and operational skills required for a Karisma’s franchise firm to succeed. At Karisma, we encourage operators to take a significant leadership position in managing the day-to-day operations of the company while following to Karisma’s Standard operating procedures.

You’re Just One Click Away From Your Future As A Karisma Entrepreneur Operator!!!

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