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Karisma colourful butterfly represent kid’s abilities are various and unique. We believe every child is unique with their own individual strengths. And We have to find a way to bring out the strengths and talents even if it means working and thinking outside the box to reach their students.Karisma Aims to optimize kids potential to fly the best they can with the slogan “Love to Learn”. We are emphasizing “Love to Learn” to educating 10,000 kids per year.

Desa Cemerlang

Puteri Wangsa

Mutiara Rini

Taman Daya

Our Student

Our students are central to everything we do at Karisma Kindergarten. The children we teach are between 30 months and six years old. We recognize and nurture every student’s individuality while teaching the self-awareness needed to be positive members of a community. We encourage diversity among our student population and look forward to celebrating several cultural events together as a community each year. Creating a solid foundation for our children will set them up to achieve anything in life. We strongly believe in our students and the impact that they will make in this world.

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